Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the paint completely safe?
Yes. The paint is completely safe, odourless and non-toxic.
2. I have an artexed ceiling?
A Nightsky Cosmic Ceiling can be created on most surfaces including artex, plaster and paper.
3. Do I have to paint my ceiling black?
No. The perfect surface is a white or near white surface.
4. How long will a Nightsky Cosmic Ceiling last for?
I offer a 5 year guarantee but the quality of the paint is such that it should last for up to 20 years.
5. For how long will a Nightsky Cosmic Ceiling glow?
  The stars will not glow as brightly with normal residual light (daylight/normal bulbs) but they will still be seen and take on a more subdued effect.
They are best seen after a brief charge of UV light. I supply UV bulbs which can be used in ceiling/bedside lights.
The paints are now so technologically advanced that with a good charge of UV light the brightest of the colours (green) will glow for up to 12 hours.
6. Will I be able to see the effect during the daytime?
The special paints dry to a near white colour and therefore blend in extremely well with the existing colour of the ceiling.
7. How long does it take to create a Nightsky Cosmic Ceiling?
On average about 2-4 hours.
8. Can you paint over a Nightsky Cosmic Ceiling?
  If for some reason you should want to paint over a Nightsky Cosmic Ceiling then 3-4 coats of standard emulsion would be sufficient .